Study Program:  Chadwick Geometry Honors

  This class is unique from any other Geometry class, we have had to create a special program just for it.   After studying this class for years, we have assembled a set of extremely effective tools to supplement the lectures and prepare you for the tests.

The following are SOME of the materials that are supplied only to our Chadwick Honors students. 

Problem Set Guidance:  Printed topic summaries provided for every Unit and Problem Set.  Now you can Fast-track through those concepts with individual guidance.  Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Geogebra:    80% of Students do not complete the Chadwick computer modeling GeoGebra projects.    We help you skip the frustration and jump straight to the completed model.    We supply all the GeoGebra Models with the data pre-entered so you can skip the frustration and go straight into the model. 

Test Preparation:   Chadwick Geometry tests are as unique and challenging.  Completely different than any other Geometry class.   In addition to other resources we provide, one of the most valuable is practice tests that prepare you for the same concepts that Mrs Kawasaki tests for. 

Common Mistakes:  The student will be improve test performance by studying the most common mistakes made by previous students.  Printed samples of the most common mistakes will be provided.    This resource is an accumulation of years of experience with this class.  And you can benefit. 

Proofs:   Proofs can be bewildering.   “Where do I even start?”   Is there methodology to proofs?   Proofs require technical creativity, BUT certain best practices and systematic methods can help.    We will show you how attack proofs and overcome the feeling of “where do I start?”